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Warranty condition

Microfiber Industries Limited offers a 10 years warranty after purchasing on the quality of the Microfiber insulation, as follow

  1. The warranty is valid in case of damaged and/or imperfection of the product itself which only can be inspected from in-house production and/or packing.

  2. The warranty is valid if the product has been stored, installed, and used correctly in accordance of the company’s instruction.

  3. The company will make compensation only the product when there is damage according to the warranty. It does not cover the costs of dismantling, reinstalling, various fines and/or any other damages that are not related to the product.

  4. The warranty does not cover damaged product resulting from
         - Incorrect use or installation of the product according to the company’s instruction.
         - Storage, installation, handling, or transportation that is not suitable for the environment.
         - Damage due to natural disasters such as fire, flood, earthquake, etc.
         - Damage resulting from the customer’s or third party’s breach of contract or neglect.
         - Damage due to third party person.

  5. The warranty will become effective upon delivery of the product, acceptance of payment in full according to the company agreement.

  6. In order to claim the product, the buyer must attach the copy of receipt, contact number, side detail, product specification, and picture of damaged product via email: [email protected]

Note: The company reserves the right to change the warranty conditions without prior notice.

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